Verifying Academic Qualifications

The Procedure to Verify your Academic Documents

  • VerifyEDU is an online service where you will need to complete our application form, upload your document(s) and pay through our online payment portal.
  • Make sure that you scan your documents in JPEG or PDF file(s) and each file should not be more than 5MB. You can combine multiple pages in one PDF file.
  • Once we have received your application and document(s) with the successful payment, our team will begin work to verify your document(s) with the relevant issuing body to determine the genuineness and accuracy of the document(s).
  • Upon receiving confirmation back from the relevant issuing body, we will proceed to send the result to your requested recipient(s) by email or through our online system. Result will not be sent to you (the applicant).
  • You can check the verification status by contacting us with your application reference number.

Price List

Verifying against each Issuing Body = $99 AUD
Payment should be through our online payment portal only.
If submitted documents are from more than one Issuing Body per submission, we will only verify the highest qualification level against the respective Issuing Body. If you have more than one Qualification / Issuing Body, you must submit and pay separately.